Sunday, September 13, 2009

A somewhat accurate inventory

Here is a somewhat accurate inventory:

Not including belts, badges, pouches, etc.

Tunics, Mess, Doublets, etc.:

Cavalry Field Officers Parade Tunic

Jacket Hampshire Regiment Volunteer Officers Parade Tunic, circa 1870-1880

Scottish Black Watch Regiment Drum Major's Doublet, circa 1890-1900

Household Cavalry- Blues and Royals, Other Ranks Parade Tunic

Irish Guards Colour Sergeant Parade Tunic

General Officers Tropical Tunic w/belt

Queens Dragoons Regiment Mess Dress Uniform w/ waistcoat and trousers. This uniform is worn by the Regimental Command Sergeant Major, the only person to hold this title.

Welsh Fusiliers Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Dress Blues, aka No. 1 Blues. The collar badges are not correct, they are vintage bullion Welsh Fusiliers Officers Collar Badges. The two sleeve patches (not the stripes) are also incorrect. Ok, I took some creative license here.

16th/5th Lancers Officers Mess Dress w/ waistcoat, no trousers.

17th Lancers Officers Dress Blues, aka No. 1 Blues.

Irish Guards No. 1 Blues, not currently badged but will badge to a Colour Sergeant.

Trousers, Breeches, Kilts, etc. :

Household Cavalry Buff Leather Breeches. Can be worn by either the Blues and Royals or The Life Guards.

Diplomatic Officers/Lord Lieutenants Dress Trousers, circa 1900.

Queens Dragoons Regiment Mess Dress Uniform Trousers.

Mess Dress or Parade Trousers w/ Boot Straps. I do not know the correct Regiment.

Mess Dress or Parade Trousers w/o Boot Straps. I do not know the correct Regiment.

17th Lancers Officers Parade/Mess Trousers, circa 1950.

Cavalry Officers Breeches, early 21st century.

Scottish Black Watch Regiment Other Ranks Kilt, circa 1950.

Rifles Regiment Officers Trousers.

Caps, Busby, Bearskin:

Queens Dragoons Regiment Peaked Cap

Non-Regimental Specific Peaked Cap (All Black)

17th Lancers Peaked Cap. Note: This cap has 17th Lancers buttons on the chinstrap but the cap itself might not actually be 17th Lancers, possibly Queens Royal Lancers.

Unknown Regiment Peaked Cap. The Badge is a vintage Welsh Fusiliers Officers Badge.

Household Cavalry-The Life Guards Other Ranks Peaked Cap.

Royal Artillery Officers Side Cap. WWII era.

17th Lancers Officers Side Cap, circa 1950.

Officers Pill Box Cap. Exact regiment unknown but possibly Gurkha.

Rifle Regiment Busby, possibly for a bandsman.

Pre-1856 Yeomanry Shako fitting.

Scottish Black Watch Regiment Pipers Feather Bonnet w/ Black Watch badge and plume. There are 4 tails tucked inside of the right rear portion. Includes a carry bag.

Guards Bearskin Hat/Helmet with brass curb or chin chain. Currently this Bearskin has an Irish Guards Plume.

Diplomatic Officers/Lord Lieutenants Cocked Bicorn Hat, circa 1890-1900.

Irish Guards Other Ranks Peaked Cap

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